Monday, June 11, 2012

yummy recipes I want to try...thanks Mrs. Salmon!

My sister Caitlin has a recently new blog and has some great ideas on dinners.  She is a fabulous cook and loves trying new things out and is quite inventive in the kitchen.  Here is the link to her blog she has some recipes posted there.  I want to try the chicken enchilada pizza!!!  I got to talk to her today during the day usually she is teaching!   She is a teacher and is on summer vacation and in the process of moving to Delaware where her husband will be doing Teach for America.  Lot's of exciting adventures in their future!!!  Anyways had to post this.

Running together in Spirit!

Hello all that read my blog...about 10 of you:) My sister mentioned a few months ago you should run a race Christy!  At first I laughed to myself and was like YEAH RIGHT and totally did not believe in myself but then with her sweet enthusiasm and incredibly positive attitude she CONVINCED me.  That night we registered for races together, Jessica a 10 K and myself a 5K.  Jessica lives in Utah and I live in Alabama but we registered for races in our home towns that were being held the same day at about the same time.  So over the last few months I began slowly training for my 5K.  I remember dying trying to run one mile two months ago and my dear husband was so positive and said hey its a start you can do it!  So in the last month I have been able to turn a 12 minute mile pace into a 9 to 10 minute mile pace.  Which to me is an accomplishment.  I definitely feel better and I have really enjoyed my quiet nights running when the kids are in bed it has been so therapeutic!  Thanks to sweet compliments along the way and words of encouragement from my husband those really helped and they always came at the right time.

Things that really helped me with my race was pacing myself along the way...thanks to my iphone nike + app.  Also listening to music....thank you Beyonce, Mariah, and Adele! WOO...and a few power songs at the end....

yeah I look beat at the end...I was

Here is Jess and her beautiful Sydney cheering her on!!

I still have a ways to go to reach some of my personal fitness goals but I definitely feel they are in reach and that I can do it!  It's just about choosing to be healthy!!!
Here is the link to my sister's blog, she posted about her race and how far she has come!  She ran for BYU and has been such an inspiration to me.