Thursday, July 19, 2012

The past few months...some pictures!!!

 Made us some delicious peach cobbler for family night last week!  Amazing Alabama peaches!!!  So yummy.  This is a recipe I got from Greg's mom and it is the best cobbler I have ever had.  You serve it with half and half...(I know) sooo delicious!
 Sweet Annie-Mae...I just love her to pieces.  She loves to dance around the house...and she has been so interested in ballerinas lately so I went to Walmart and found a cheap leotard and a little skirt...couldn't find ballet shoes but these slippers seem to work, she doesn't know the difference.
 My little man...he makes my heart melt every day.  He is the sweetest most loving little baby I know.  ( I am not bias at all)  
 Fourth of July waiting for daddy to come home...poor guy has been working so hard here in Alabama.  
 Shopping with mommy!  They love to ride in this at the store.  Thank you Publix!!!  Sometimes I shop here just because they have this! Walmart why haven't you figured this out yet!
Typical Sunday at our home:)

Quiet Books...2 yrs later :)

Well over the past two years I have been working on some quiet books, one for Annie and one for her cousin Penny. I am just now finished and I have to say it is a nice feeling. It was not my favorite craft to be honest, a little too slow for me. (that was kind of my own fault though) Here are some pics of the pages, and I was inspired by many blogs...too many to list but here is one that stood out to me and she even has free templates to use.  Also my princess page wouldn't be in the quiet book if it weren't for Jill at Made it on is the link to her page.  Here are just a few pictures and I will post some more once I finish sewing Annie's together.  I gave Penny hers at vacation but didn't take any finished project pics!!!

The Outer Banks

Windy morning walk on the beach!
Catching Blue crabs!
More pics to come!!!