Monday, June 11, 2012

yummy recipes I want to try...thanks Mrs. Salmon!

My sister Caitlin has a recently new blog and has some great ideas on dinners.  She is a fabulous cook and loves trying new things out and is quite inventive in the kitchen.  Here is the link to her blog she has some recipes posted there.  I want to try the chicken enchilada pizza!!!  I got to talk to her today during the day usually she is teaching!   She is a teacher and is on summer vacation and in the process of moving to Delaware where her husband will be doing Teach for America.  Lot's of exciting adventures in their future!!!  Anyways had to post this.

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  1. Teach For America is an awesome program! Some of the best teachers at teh school where I used to teach did that program.
    Good for them! And, I'll check out the recipe.